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  • Does God exist? Can we know anything about God's nature? What is truth? Do human beings have freedom of choice? Can they have such a freedom in a world created by God? These questions, and others, were ones which Anselm of Canterbury (c.1033 - 1109) took very seriously.  This great theologian looked to answer these important questions in his major works.
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  • By St. Augustine of Hippo Publisher: Penguin Books Used Book - very good condition - back cover has small dent and pages yellowed somewhat Translated by R. S. Pine-Coffin 1979, Softcover Saint Augustine of Hippo (A.D. 354-430) was one of the outstanding figures of the declining Roman Empire. From his own account he lived a life of sin until his conversion to Christianity at the age of thirty-two. Twelve years later he gave a personal account of his search for truth in the Confessions, where his analysis of the emotional side of Christian experience in the face of sin remains unsurpassed. they are also intensely revealing of the man himself. (from the back cover)
  • By St. Hippolytus Publisher: St. Vladimir's Seminary Press 2001, Softcover Apostolic Tradition, as this text is best known, was identified in the early years of the 20th century as the work of Hippolytus, a Christian leader from third-century Rome. The text provides liturgical information of great antiquity, and as such has been massively influential on liturgical study and reform, especially in Western churches. (from the back cover)
  • Translated by J.F. Webb and D. H. Farmer. This selection of writings from the sixth and seventh centuries AD provides a powerful insight into the early history of the Christian church in England and Ireland.
  • This magnificent book brings together a selection of their finest works, along with material from the earliest Cistercian house at Cîteaux, a charming description of Clairvaux, biographies of abbots and a famous anchonite, and a series of brief exemplary stories... Presented here in a superb new translation with invaluable introductions to each piece, they speak powerfully across the centuries to modern readers.