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Will Wilder – The Lost Staff of Wonders

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By Raymond Arroyo

Publisher: Crown Books

2017, Hardcover, 333 pages

Will watched in fascination as nearly all the levitating feathers vanished from sight. A rotten smell, like year-old Cheez Whiz, suddenly permeated the hall, followed by a blast of icy air.

“Do you feel that?” Will asked with a shiver.

“Felt it my whole life. First time I’ve ever felt it – or smelled it – in Peniel, though.” Bartimaeus scratched the side of his gray head. “This is hallowed ground. A demon couldn’t enter here without assistance. But something’ is definitely among us…” (From the back cover)

Dust jacket has a small tear and some folding at top. Still a very presentable book.

1 in stock

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