By Alden Hatch and  Seamus Walshe

Published by Hawthorn Books

November 1958 Second Memorial Printing, Hardcover, 272 pages

USED BOOK – This printing occurred shortly after Pope Pius XII died. The jacket is covered in plastic and is in good condition with slight wearing mostly at the spine and the back cover. The pages are clean overall with a couple of dirty spots at the edges. A very good copy.

“Of all the great figures of out times, none is more universally respected or admired by men of all faiths than Eugenio Pacelli, Pope Pius XII. Yet, although he has led the Church through some of the most turbulent years in the history of mankind – including World War II, the postwar menace of Communism, the Korean War, the unrest in the Soviet satellites – very little is known by most people, whether Catholic or non-Catholic, about his life, his full career, and his many earlier achievements.

There have been many books about Pius XII, but none seem to have told his story in terms the general reader might appreciate and enjoy. Here, for the first time, is a truly popular biography of the Pope. Written by Alden Hatch, an American Protestant famous for his biographies of the Eisenhowers, Clare Booth Luce, and other public figures, and Seamus Walshe, an Irish Catholic who has taught for many years at the Notre Dame International School in Rome and has close connections in Vatican circles, Crown of Glory is an intimate portrait of a great man.

The result of two years of research in Rome itself among people who have known the Pope all his life, as well as in newspaper and magazine files and in libraries, this warmly sympathetic portrait brings new light to our knowledge of one of the most important figures of the century. From Eugenio’s early days to enter the priesthood to Pius’ vision during his recent illness, his story unfolds in detail which will interest readers of all faiths and contribute much to our understanding of this unique figure in modern history.” (From the Goodreads Website)