By Mark G. McGowan

Published by Novalis

2009, Softcover, 166 pages

“This important book about the Irish famine of 1847 and its impact on the city of Toronto tells a story that is still relatively unknown to most of Toronto’s citizens.
Historian Mark McGowan delves beneath the surface of statistics and brings to light the stories of men and women who had to face a desperate choice: almost
certain death from starvation in Ireland, or a perilous sea voyage to a faraway
place called Canada.” (From the website)

Death or Canada tells a story of desperation, tragedy, and hope that exposes both human hardness of heart and the best that the human spirit can offer. This moving episode in Canadian and Irish history is now a major documentary film, produced jointly by Ballinran Productions (Canada) and Tile Films (Ireland).” (From the back cover)