By Venerable Mary of Agreda

Published by Augustine Publishing Company

1986, Softcover, 250 pages

“In his classic Secret of the Rosary, St. Louis de Montfort, arguably the greatest-ever apostle of Our Lady and the Rosary, said that the Rosary should be preferred above all other “because the Rosary, made up of the Lord’s Prayer and the Angelic Salutation, is this clear and ever-flowing water which comes from the fountain of grace” in contrast to which other prayers “are but tiny streams which spring from this fountain…although this hymn is in praise of the Mother of God, nevertheless it greatly glorifies the most Blessed Trinity because any homage that we pay to Our Lady returns inevitably to God who is the cause of all her virtues and perfection.”

Divine Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary perfectly complements St. Louis’ practical instructions on its use, since it contains deeply inspiring meditations on the life of Our Lord and the Blessed Virgin as extracted verbatim from the mystical revelations of this well known seventeenth century Spanish nun. These were set down in her classic Mystical City of God, a book which received the highest praise from Catholic universities, major religious orders, and several popes. In 1715 the University of Louvain described the whole work as a beautiful web of Scripture passages revealing exquisite and, until then, unknown interpretations. The meditations are noble, devout and convincing, and contain such a special unction that they enkindle a sacred ardour in the soul. The whole work breathes a spirit of humility, patience and endurance of hardships, to the extent that, so the report concludes, it cannot have been composed without divine inspiration.” (From the back cover)