Published by TAN Books 1988, paperback, 364 pages.

USED book, this is the 1988 version, complete and unabridged edition, with added illustrations, retypeset and published by TAN Books. Show fading on spine.

A Year With The Saints is an extraordinary book exemplifying 12 Christian virtues – one for each month of the year – using examples and sayings from the lives of the saints. It covers perfection, humility, mortification, patience, meekness, confidence,charity, etc. Included are many stories from Catholic history and the lives of the saints, plus the sayings of St. Francis de Sales, St. Theresa of Avila, St. Vincent de Paul and others. Practically every paragraph tells a different story of how a saint practiced the virtue in question. This book possesses the unique quality of touching the soul with just a few paragraphs and putting a person in tune with God’s view of our affairs. This is one of the most moving and powerful Catholic books ever written and one that will enflame the reader with desire for perfection.