By Frank J. Sheed

Published by The Word Among Us

2006, Softcover, 128 pages

Frank J. Sheed, one of the most distinguished and popular Catholic writers of the twentieth century, is known as a champion of the faith. The Action of the Holy Spirit, the Lord and Giver of Life, a new edition of his original book, is another example of Sheed’s ability to shed light on the mysteries of our faith. With his keen insight, Sheed notes that “action upon mankind, individually and in community, is the special function of the Holy Spirit.” He then traces the action of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament, in the gospels, and in the beginning of the church. Finally, he helps us to see how Christians today can live life in the Spirit by making this third Person of the Trinity the very “air we breathe.” By looking back and looking forward, Sheed renews our appreciation for the Holy Spirit, “the Lord and Giver of life.” (From the Website)