By John Saward

Published by Ignatius Press

Softcover, 200 pages

Beauty will save the world,” said Dostoyevski. This book is a study of two powerful ways in which true beauty shines upon the world – in the lives of the saints and in the works of Christian art, “the beauty of holiness and the holiness of beauty”. This book is a unique and unprecedented meditation on the beauty of Christ and His saints.

It centers on several works of art (reproduced in this book) of a saint – Blessed John Fiesole, known to the world as Fra Angelico. Drawing on Angelico’s own theological sources, Saward has written a book not on art history but on the splendor of Catholic truth. Beauty is the splendor of truth, the attractive radiance of truth. This new book is intended to help Christians grow in wonder at the glory of Divine Revelation, to which both the Church’s saints and the Church’s art bear witness. Illustrated with Angelico’s color art. (From the Goodreads Website)