Published by Refuge of Sinners Publishing Inc. 2010

paperback 170 pages, 67 black and white illustrations

25 Old Testament and 41 New Testament stories

From the Preface:
The problem of leading young minds to a realization and appreciation of the revealed word is solved most satisfactorily in the adoption of the story method. Every child instinctively loves a story. In gratifying this natural desire no narratives are more vivid, more appealing, and more valuable than those which graphically recount God’s merciful dealings with mankind. To bring the child to an active and enthusiastic knowledge of the sublime facts in Bible History is to give him a glorious background upon which he will be eager to sketch out his own eternal destiny. The impressive array of divine truths inculcates many compelling moral lessons. Each brief event makes its own contribution of love and inspiration, strengthening the sense of religious responsibility in the child. The delightful simplicity of the presentation of the eternal inheritances of man cannot but make a direct appeal to Catholic educators! Nothing which is helpful has been overlooked or forgotten. The illustrations, 67 total, that crown each story is an attractive centre wherein the child will see in clear vision all that the story tells.