By Fr. John H. McGoey

Published by Fidelity House Publishers

1995, Softcover, 222 pages

The first revolution arose from World War I and led to Soviet Communism, Nazism and Fascism. In the name of Peace and Prosperity, and promises of Paradise on earth, these tyrannies killed unborn children, the disabled and all who disagreed with them. There were more slain than, in all previous wars, as victims of drunk drivers, through all medical incompetence, and from the pandemic of AIDS to date.

World War II spawned the Sexual Revolution, spearheaded by secular humanist sexual pleasure addicts and their self-canonized patron saint, Alfred C. Kinsey. Denying the supernatural they refused to see that sex is an act with unique significance, divided between two very different humans, man and woman, who share equally in populating the planet. Sex being for two can hardly be a matter for any one to decide is best for both, and the generations to follow.

The common factor in both revolutions was the sudden speed of their collapses, neither of which was forecast by the world’s “infallible” news gathering gurus. In all fairness, neither can weathermen, despite all their technology, predict when or where there will be famines, floods or furies. Nor has it been discovered what imagination dreamed up the warming of the planet to provide the coldest winter in memory. Nor who insisted that hair spray could really blow a hole in the ozone layer. Nor what economic genius seduced the gullible into accepting that “..borrowing ourselves into prosperity at high rates of interest.” was really the way to go.

The experts have not done well with their revolutions since they took over from God. While boys and girls at Harvard ponder sexual fantasies of the infamous Dr. Ruth, millions of simple, honest persons are voting to put God back in charge since they believe that He at least knows what He is doing. (From the Introduction)