Come Rack, Come Rope is a gripping historical novel which takes place during Queen Elizabeth I’s persecution of English Catholics. Based on the real sufferings of a real Catholic family in particular, and Catholics across the country, Robert Hugh Benson’s classic novel is one of tragedy and loss, but also heroism and human and divine love. The novel follows Robin and Margaret, a young couple in love who forgo their affection when Margaret realizes Robin is called to the priesthood. Both play a critical role in caring physically and spiritually for their fellow Catholics during this time of terror. Discover their heroism, love, and sacrifice, and be inspired to live it out in our own frightful times in Come Rack, Come Rope.

Pages:   432
ISBN:   9781505109191
Publisher:   Saint Benedict Press, LLC.
Imprint:   TAN Books
Publication Date:   2016
Binding:   Paperbound
Dimensions:   5.5 x 8.5 x 0.808.5