By Louis Bouyer

Published by St. Bede’s Publications


Cosmos addresses all possible questions relating to the world: its constitution and origin; the history of its treatments from cosmogonic myth to philosophical cosmologies; from biblical cosmogenesis and anthropogenesis to the `primordial soup’ and `big bang’ theories; from `fallen world’ and `fallen man’ to apocalypse; from Gnostic `alienation’ to ecological utopian restoration; from magic to mysticism. In this book, science, myth, philosophy, theology, poetic experience and technology constantly rub elbows.

The nature of spirit and matter, the capacity of the human mind to ask and answer the pertinent questions relating to then, the history of ideas and movements of thought in the attempt of the human mind to fathom the mystery of the universe- these are only some of the themes addressed in this searching and masterful inquiry into the cosmos, the `world’ which has been worshipped by some, denigrated and rejected by others, as which remains as much a challenge to modern science as it was a hidden secret to ancient myth.

In this book, Louis Bouyer shows his mastery in developing the history of ideas, his genius in synthesizing the most disparate insights of ancients and moderns and in bringing out the questions inspired throughout history by the mystery of the reality which surrounds us and the various answers given in various ages, but most of all the insightfulness of Christian revelation which penetrates beyond all others into this mystery, showing it to be a reflection of the mystery of that other cosmos which it merely reflects: the inner being of God- the God who created it.” (from the back cover)