By Fr. Marcus Holden & Fr. Andrew Pinsent

Published by Catholic Truth Society

2007, Softcover, 112 pages

This new, illustrated, pocket catechism offers a succinct and reliable introduction into the fullness of the Catholic faith. Drawing on Scripture and Tradition, and fully cross-referenced to the Catechism and Compendium, its 25 chapters include:

The Meaning of Life                              Confession & Anointing

Creation & Fall                                        Marriage & Holy Orders

Salvation History                                    Moral Action

The Incarnation                                      Natural Law & 10 Commandments

The Life of Christ                                    Grace & the Beatitudes

The Paschal Mystery                              Virtues & Vices

The Trinity                                                Christian Life in the world

The Church                                              The Life of Prayer

Scripture & Tradition                              The Lord’s Prayer

Mary & the Last Things                          Praying the Mass

Liturgy & Sacraments Baptism             The Practice of Confession

& Confirmation                                         Catholic Devotions

The Eucharist