By William A. Reck

Published by The Riehle Foundation

1996, Softcover, 215 pages

New book with slight marking from price sticker on back cover.

” The Marian Movement comprises millions of people who profess special devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary as Mother of our Savior. And because of apparitions, the movement is growing.

We hurtle toward the dawn of a new century, leaving one that has provided the greatest advancements the world has ever seen, Also the greatest setbacks. It is a world in need of renewal – spiritual renewal. This obvious need to eliminate evil is heightened by the turn of a century. To many, this represents a new era – or the end of one. To some, the needed chastisement will come upon us with the turn of the calendar. Claims of apparitions, locutions and messages from Our Lord or the Blessed Virgin Mary have become commonplace in response. Unexplainable supernatural occurrences and apparent miracles are everywhere. Advancements in communications make these phenomena immediately known the world over.

Not all approach it from the same direction. Devotees of the occult, along with the New Age Movement, have also brought their versions of mysticism to the forefront. In the midst of it all is the Marian Movement – on the one hand providing great excitement for the spiritually hungry, and on the other, often lurching forward without any direction or guidance of its own.

There is an obvious and urgent need for a more balanced approach in the evaluation of supernatural phenomena. It appears much of it is of a very questionable nature, quite possibly not in our best interest and dangerous to our souls. The process of this determination is called discernment. It is what this book is about. It is not being provided to authenticate or disprove anyone, or anyplace. It is being provided to show examples, especially in the United States, of why this discernment process is needed.” (From the back cover)