By  J.B. Midgley

Published by The Catholic Truth Society

2007, Booklet, 69 pages

Some 800 years ago Dominic Guzman and his ‘Order of Preachers’ criss-crossed the inhospitable paths of Europe to preach the Gospel and to combat the half-truths of their day. Born of a noble family of Old Castile, a model student, he spurned privilege for a life devoted to Christ. An amazing tale of faith and courage, and of the rich legacy of the Dominicans. Barry Midgley, a retired Headmaster, has spent most of his professional life in Catholic education. He has written many books for CTS and lives in East Anglia. (From the Goodreads Website)

Out of Print – Not available after last 2 copies sold. See B766 – Dominic and the Order of Preachers which is still in print if you want multiple copies.

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