By Irma Zaleski

Published by Novalis

2001, Softcover, 108 pages

Another little book of wisdom by an internationally beloved author.This hopeful, insightful book looks at the mystery and certainty of death, and the faith and hope that we can bring to it. Not knowing what lies beyond death is the cause of our fear of it. That unknowing often poses the greatest challenge to our faith.Irma Zaleski maintains that we die, not only once at the end of our earthly existence, but at every moment of our lives. We are all called to die to self-love: true love is based on the surrender of need, on the willingness to place the good of another above our own. “This is our daily death and our daily resurrection. It is also our life’s work.”Irma Zaleski’s experience of these all-too-human fears and challenges has led her to a place of great hope which she shares with her readers: “The mystery of death points to a possibility of joy and glory so immense, so exciting, and so infinitely beyond anything we can ever dream of or imagine.” (From the website)