By Alexander Jones

Published by Sheed & Ward

1961, Hardcover, 214 pages

USED: Condition – Good, Readable. Has some underling in spots. All pages are intact. Some pages have staining (probably due to coffee) Dust jacket is in good condition with slight crumpling at top.

The title of this book is not lightly chosen: it deals with the Bible, the living word of the living God.

God’s Living Word – a revelation given not once for all, but as a seed, to expand and reveal its meaning more richly and pertinently as history progressed and the economy of God’s plan developed; God’s chosen way of expressing himself to men, and to the men he chose, first the Jews and then the Church of Christ; God’s word made flesh and revealed in the Church which sprang from the life of the Word.

The problems of interpretation are many – first and foremost, what does the Word of God mean? The mind of the Bible seems so remote from us, and we must learn to enter into its way of presenting the truth. There is the problem of the literary and historical background, of the literary forms of Old and New Testaments, of the unity of the four Gospels, of the relationship between the authority of the Church and the authority of Scripture. All these Father Jones discusses with penetrating scholarship and brilliance.

He writes with a lively and skilful pen, turning the obscurity of the Biblical text into a challenging mystery, teaching us that, approaching the darkness that surrounds God in faith, we will be progressively rewarded out of an inexhaustible source of truth. As we read this book we grow aware of the great adventure of God’s interventions in history, recorded in the Scriptures, and of the exhilarating and demanding call the Word sends out to each one of us.

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