By Raymond Lloyd Richmond, PH.D.

Published by Trademark Publishing

2006, Softcover, 149 pages

We all experience feelings of frustration when someone or something injures us, insults us, obstructs us, or hurts us in some other emotional, physical, or material way. Most of us respond to that feeling of frustration by desiring the satisfaction of forcing the “other” to suffer as we have suffered. This satisfaction might feel good in the moment, but ultimately it hardens our hearts and closes them off to others. We do have another option, though. When we are hurt, we can seek healing, rather than satisfaction. We can remember that when Christ’s heart was pierced He did not close it off – He opened it even more, and healing blood and water gushed forth as a fount of mercy for us. Healing, you see, is simply our return to God in humility and obedience. There is no healing for our brokenness except in the broken bread of the Eucharist. There is no healing except through Him who accepted all pain, quietly, peacefully, without grumbling or murmuring – for our sake. There is no healing except in forgiveness. (From the back cover)