By Bert Ghezzi

Published by The Word Among Us

2007, Hard Cover, 184 pages

God offers every human being the gift of himself, promising to come and make his home in the hearts of all who love and obey him. Saints respond to this gift by giving their hearts wholeheartedly to God. In The Heart of a Saint, best-selling Catholic author Bert Ghezzi portrays ten heroes of the faith whose lives demonstrate how we can grow closer to God as we give our hearts to him. From Therese of Lisieux and Francis of Assisi to Dorothy Day and Pope John Paul II, the author paints a portrait of men and women taking on the heart of God in prayer, service, justice, and love of neighbor. Each chapter ends with suggestions for reflection, prayer, and action for growing in the particular spiritual quality exhibited by each saint. Ghezzi’s engaging style as he tells these stories is both refreshing and inspirational. (From the Goodreads Website)