By Stephen Walford

Published by Angelico Press

2013, Softcover, 228 pages

IN THE PAST 200 YEARS, the Catholic Church has approved a series of private revelations with a deeply apocalyptic undercurrent. But what have the popes taught concerning these times? In this ground-breaking book, Stephen Walford uncovers the astonishing truth that the successors of St. Peter have together warned of the rapidly approaching final coming of Jesus Christ. By unearthing a great variety of magisterial documents, the author sheds light on a number of mysteries: how Fatima relates to the definitive coming of the Kingdom at the end of the world; how Vatican II was a prophetic council oriented towards the return of the Lord; and how the popes have consistently linked the era of peace to the definitive renewal of the world after the Last Judgement—and how they have discerned that our own times are ripe for the persecution of the Antichrist. Heralds of the Second Coming lifts the veil on the last stage of salvation history, as proclaimed by the popes from Pius IX to Benedict XVI. (From the Publisher’s Website)