Edited by Francesco Chiovaro, C.Ss.R.

Published by Liguori Publications

1996, Softcover, 576 pages

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A king who did not want new religious orders! A pope at odds with the king! Powerful families out to confiscate property! A saint forced to die shut out of the very congregation he founded! All these featured in the first volume of the series, The History of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer.

So tortured were these beginnings that Redemptorists were virtually forbidden to publish anything on it for almost a century. Now we have a succinct account of the opening years of the Redemptorist Congregation. From its birth through its near demise from internal tensions, through its division into two groups (one recognized by the pope, the other by the king), to its reunification, we can follow this story of the birth of a great force for preaching the Gospel.

The second part of this volume presents a series of studies on important themes of these early years: the apostolic ministry conducted by the Redemptorists, the formulation its Rule, and the manner of forming newcomers into its spirit. (From the Back Cover)