By Fr. John P. Coony

Published by Pro Fratibus Press

1987, Softcover, 724 pages

How Brief a Candle establishes the truth of the existence of God the Creator and the immortality of the human soul. Using procedures of systems analysis, the author has drawn from a multiplicity of disciplines including philosophy, theology, physics, psychology, sociology and mathematics.

The history of man’s thought concerning himself and his relationship to God is traced through the ages, beginning with Plato and Aristotle, right up to our present age.

The book demonstrates that a stable society is not possible without a morality based on some theistic system toward which man “stands in awe” (the Hobbesian question). A basis for a sociology of morals – and hence a moral sociology – is formulated. And finally, the author proposes a methodology by which the present decadent world age will be changed, during the next few decades, to bring about a return of the world to a truly human civilization.

The “insistent dialectic” is that interior conflict which has existed in man from the beginning – symbolically in the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden. Man is split in his view of himself. He wants to be totally independent of any external restraint – free to “do his own thing”. Yet, he realizes that he is in fact constrained by his own limited resources. He does have a master – if not of divine dimensions, then of human dimensions – his own fragility and mortality. He cannot live exclusively in his own image. (From the Backcover)