By Rev. Joseph A. Krebs, C.SS.R.

Published by Roman Catholic Books


Excerpt from How to Comfort the Sick and Dying

Manuals for the sick, containing instructions on the best way of tending and assisting the sick and dying, and of helping them to sanctity sick ness and death in a truly Christian manner, are certainly not wanting. But I know of no book expressly destined for sick-nurses, and in particu lar for religious who devote themselves to the care of the sick. And yet it is of great importance that they should clearly discern what a sublime and blessed, but at the same time what a difficult, task they have to fulfil, and how they should aecom plish it. With this view the present work has been undertaken. It deals in detail with the care of the sick as a vocation, and gives instructions on the best way to render spiritual assistance to the sick and dying. (From the Amazon .com Website)