A Treatise for Followers of Christ

Translated by The Hon. A Wilmot, M.L.C. From a French Edition of L’Esprit de Christianisme, ou la Conformité de Chrétien avec Jesus Christ, by Father Nepveu, S.J.

Published by Refuge of Sinners 2021

Imprimatur, 1906, 280 page book.


The Imitation of Jesus Christ is the beginning and the end of that supernatural life on earth which is the preparation of the life of everlasting blessedness in heaven. Our happiness hereafter depends upon the fidelity wherewith we strive here below to make ourselves like to Him. It is for this reason that the contemplation of the life of our Divine Master is an essential element of progress in the spiritual life. But most of us need external help of some kind to make our contemplation continuous, connected and fruitful. The Gospels are the basis of all such help, but their teachings are developed and intensified by all those many writers who have undertaken to unfold them in detail. The careful perusal of this treatise will aid many a soul to understand better the nature of the labour to be undertaken, to overcome more generously the difficulties inherent in such a task, and to arrive more rapidly at the desired end.