By John H. McGoey, SFM & Vincent P. McCorry, S.J.

Published by Fidelity House

1990, Softcover, 118 pages

I Believe is a resumé of the basic Catholic doctrine to familiarize teachers with what they must believe and practise to work effectively in Catholic schools. It is also helpful to parents instructing their children as well as those preparing adult converts to Catholicism. Catholic schools are a prime instrument of a community of Faith, the People of God, in making clear to their children what they must believe and do to gain eternal life. These teachings prepare the young for the life-long struggle to become the loving person God intended when He created them in His own image and likeness. God, being love itself, put a little of Himself into every human being. It is His image that identifies humanity in the power that He gave each of us to love. We are never so much like God, so fulfilled and happy, as when we are loving persons. The Power to Love is the sacred trust to which Christ alluded in the parable of the talents; it is given to us to use well and to return to God with interest on His investment. When with the grace of God and hard, honest effort we become truly loving persons we are destined to spend eternity with God; but should we bury that talent through fear of losing or abusing it, our lives are wasted. God did not give us life to become rich, famous or powerful but to be lived lovingly. No matter how successful we are in the eyes of our peers, if we are not loving persons we have achieved nothing; we are, to quote St. Paul, nothing, absolutely NOTHING. (From the Foreword)