By Ted Flynn

Published by MaxKol Communications

2002, Softcover, 282 pages

NOTE: The book is new, but is a bit shelf-worn.

Is the greatest nation in the history of the earth climbing tragedy’s

summit and about to tumble?

America once seemed unassailable, but suddenly our nation was assaulted by people filled with hatred and bent on our destruction. The threat of a terrorist assault always existed, but the viciousness and massive destruction of the attacks of September 11, 2001, served as a penetrating wake-up call to many Americans. They wanted to know how God could allow such a thing to happen to a country they believed to be so good and wholesome.
Is America a just and great nation in the eyes of God? Are there reasons God would allow the United States to be punished? If so, what are they? What needs to be done to avert such future punishment? What must this country do to right itself in the eyes of God?Ted Flynn’s new book, Idols in the House
, delves into these very matters. Using the history in the Bible, particularly regarding Israel, Flynn shows how God dealt with nations in the past that have turned their backs on Him. For what sins has God judged past civilizations? The United States claims to be “one nation under God,” yet its laws and people have almost wholeheartedly embraced pagan idolatry and even barbaric practices. There is ample documented evidence in the book to support these claims. America is moving quickly toward the complete legalization of homosexual “unions” and cloning, the fruits of the “Culture of Death.” Scandal and corruption abound among priests, ministers, seminarians and church hierarchy. These situations are directly opposed to the laws of God. How can a nation claim to be “under God,” yet behave in ways so separated from His will? Would God allow such a country to carry on indefinitely which mocks Him by ignoring His precepts? Reading this book, one can only conclude that America is a post-Christian nation.
How did the United States arrive at this situation? Using irrefutable facts describing the fabric of modern America, Flynn asks probing questions and provides startling answers about the collapse of the traditional family, the skyrocketing use of drugs and alcohol-especially among children-the glamorization of sexual promiscuity-especially among children-and many other unseemly aspects of modern society. Reading this book compels the reader to ask:

How have America’s enemies subverted our morality and institutions from within?

Is the moral breakdown of our society a prelude to the end of our freedom?

Has the Lord removed the “protective hedge” from around America?

How does our collective response to God’s warning determine our future?

As the last great superpower, are America’s wings about to be clipped?

These questions and many more are answered in
Idols in the House. It separates fact from what we see in the media.  (From the Goodreads Website)