Taking a stand against the culture of Death. Confronting the culture of death.

In Defense of Life presents the chilling facts about our society’s dance with death. It goes beyond the headlines and exposes the many forces that have turned us away from a culture of life. Keith Fournier and William Watkins take the advocates of death to task, showing the numerous flaws in their reasoning, the hidden agendas in their political and legal posturing, and the further tragedies that await us if we fail to take effective action to stop the destruction.

In Defense of Life moves beyond criticism and offers solutions. Fournier and Watkins explain the foundations upon which a culture of life can be built. And they provide a ten-point strategy for transforming our society into one that respects and protects all life. In the final analysis, they have given us a book of hope.

Small section of laminated cove rippled.

Paperback 159 pages.

By Keith A. Fournier and William D. Watkins

Published by Navpress 1996 in USA