By Isaiah Bennett

Published by Catholic Answers

1999, Softcover, 548 pages

Inside Mormonism: What Mormons Really Believe offers an unprecedented look at the Mormon religion. It is the first book offering an in-depth and objective critique of Mormonism from a Catholic perspective. Isaiah Bennett conducts a thorough, frank, and charitable investigation of Mormonism, its history and the doctrines its leaders don’t want told to the public. He highlights the religion’s contradictory doctrines and explains how it “packages” itself to appear Christian. Isaiah Bennett is a former Catholic priest who converted to Mormonism and then reconverted to Catholicism once he discovered the errors and contradictions in Mormonism. Now he is dedicated to defending the Catholic faith and explaining the truth about Mormonism so other Catholics won’t make the mistake he made. (From the Goodreads Website)