By Eric Pastuszek

Published by TAN Books and Publishers

1993, Softcover, 87 pages

In this enlightening and easy-to-read book we are presented with a variety of evidence – biological, medical, emotional, legal, cultural and social – showing that the fetus of a human mother is indeed human! Included are personal testimonies from women who have had abortions, from a would-have-been father, from ex-abortionists, and from other medical personnel involved with abortion, as well as descriptions of the very active and responsive life led by the pre-born infant – a being who we now know can see, hear, jump, turn summersaults, suck its thumb and feel – all at a very early age. Also included is evidence from American and English law in support of the fetus’ right to be treated as a human being, plus the eloquent testimony given by those law-abiding men and women who have deemed it necessary to resort to civil disobedience – blockades or “Rescues” – to save the lives of fetuses. Of great interest, too, is the evidence given here of the words used in everyday speech regarding the preborn. Perhaps most impressive of all, the author presents several remarkable photographs of fetal infants aborted but expelled from the womb “whole,” leaving no doubt in either mind or heart that these children were, indeed, members of our own human race. Here is a stirring, convincing book if ever there were one. The reader should be prepared for a surprise! (From the back cover)