By Fr. Rawley Meyers

Published by Our Sunday Visitor

1986, Softcover, 152 pages

Jesus is Here – a devotional book of daily reflections and prayers for the months of June (dedicated to the Sacred Heart) and July (dedicated to the Precious Blood of Jesus), with additional maxims and meditations for the rest of the year.Jesus is the heart, the core, and the centre of our faith. Yo know Christ is to know Christianity. Jesus is Here is a clear, non-technical presentation of the life of Christ, which provides the reader with easy-to-follow segments of Jesus’ life for daily meditation. Also included are Litanies of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Most Precious Blood and the Promises to St. Margaret Mary. One of the more Significant sections contains the “Wisdom of the Saints”, sage counsel about life and death from those holy men and women who have walked in the world before us. (From the back cover)