By Fr. Felix Sarda Y Salvany

Publisher: TAN Books and Publishers

Liberalism is the error of our times. It is essentially the mistaken notion that one religion is as good as another and that people have a right freely to choose whatever religion suits then best. The author call Liberalism “the monster of our times,” “the evil of all evils,” “a deadly heresy,” “a living lion going about seeking whom he may devour.” Further, he states: “Liberalism and Catholic Liberalism have been explicitly condemned by Pius IX.” Again, “Liberalism of every degree and all forms has been formally condemned; so much so that outside the motives of its intrinsic malice, it stands under the formal ban of the Church, which is sufficient for all faithful Catholics. It would be impossible for an error so widespread and so radical to escape condemnation.” Liberalism is a Sin is a translation and an adapted version of El Liberalismo es Pecado (“Liberalism is a Sin”), written and published in 1886 in Spain.