By Fr. Frederick A. Reuter

Publisher: TAN Books and Publishers

1995, Softcover, 291 pages

Moments Divine is a pious and extremely moving book consisting of 30 short chapters, one for each day of the month. Each chapter contains, first, a dramatic true story of the Eucharist – most of which are miraculous historic events, incredible “Eucharist miracles” of enthralling interest – followed by an ejaculation, a prayer, an Act of Contrition, a Spiritual Communion, the Anima Christi, a Sacred Heart Reading – these  are additional beautiful, true Catholic stories of miraculous conversions or other remarkable events – plus a short concluding prayer. All of these elements in the book are arranged and chosen in order to instill in the reader a greater love for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. And does it succeed! Extremely easy to read, Moments Divine is one of the most inspiring devotional books the reader will ever encounter, and a book every member of the family will be drawn to read. (From the back cover)