By Joe Gulotta

Published by TAN Books

1992, Softcover, 146 pages

Pro-Life Christians contains the short biographies of 28 heroic souls who have been and are now fighting abortion and its effects in America – each in his or her own unique way. Because of the variety of types of people described here and their various approaches to the Pro-Life cause, this is probably the most interesting book on abortion ever published – possibly the best. For here the reader will encounter the personal experiences and contributions of each Pro-Life Christian: There is Randall Terry (famous for creating “Operation Rescue”), U.S. Representative Henry Hyde (responsible for the Hyde Amendment), Carol Everett (who once ran an abortion mill), Julie Makimaa (who was conceived in rape), Gianna Jessen (who survived an abortion), Cyrus Zal (a lawyer who defies the judges in defending Pro-Lifers) Joan Andrews Bell (who has gone to prison in her fight against abortion), Fr. Paul Marx (founder of Human Life International). Dr. John Willke (an M.D. who is one of the foremost in publishing and broadcasting against abortion), plus Governor Robert Casey of Pennsylvania, Judie Brown, Mother Teresa, Cardinal O’Connor, Bishop Vaughan, Joe Scheidler, Conrad Wojnar, Shari Richard, Jamie Tellier, Pastor Matt Trewhella,  and may other fascinating, heroic, selfless people whose lives and actions on behalf of the per-born are inspiring and great.

The author freely admits he has not included everyone here who is worthy of mention, but as a reading will show, he does offer a beautiful, kaleidoscopic representation of different types of people and their works that makes Pro-Life Christians a joy and inspiration to read, probably the most informative and up-to-date survey of what has been going on in the fight against abortion, and a profoundly moving experience that will motivate the reader, like no other book we know, to prayer and action on behalf of the unborn.” (From the back cover)