“The whole world groaned and was amazed to find itself Arian.” So cried Saint Jerome. Athanasius was in exile (again), a compromised Pope occupied the Chair of Peter, hardly a bishop had the courage to confront Constantius. Twelve different creeds were competing for the allegiance of Christians; the Nicean Creed was forbidden.

The true Faith was being upheld by laymen, inspired by Athanasius, who held fast to what their bishops had taught them even though those same bishops had abandoned it by now.

Are there modern-day parallels in the Church and Her Churchmen?

Michael Davies’ book provides a fascinating insight into one of the most troubled periods in the history of the Church and the life of one of Her greatest saints. Documents the facts on the “Fall of Pope Liberius,” who confirmed the excommunication of Saint Athanasius, and signed an ambiguous formula of doubtful orthodoxy.

Mr. Davies reminds us that the Faith is not served by explaining away historical facts, but in understanding them in the light of Catholic teaching. The fact that the Church survives every crisis with the integrity of Her doctrinal teaching intact is a dramatic testimony to Her divine origin and the necessity of Athanasian perseverance.

96 pp. Softcover.