By Kevin Vost

TAN Books, Soft Cover, 188 pages

“Even while he was still alive, the Dominican friar Albert of Cologne was called Magnus – “the Great” – and his contemporaries said he simply knew all there was to know. He was a “Renaissance man” two centuries before the Renaissance a teacher and preacher; a scientist, theologian, and philosopher; a shrewd shepherd and an unflinching defender of the Faith.

Yet too few Catholics know about him today, in part because his star has been outshone by his famous student, Thomas Aquinas. In St. Albert the Great, Champion of Faith and Reason, author Kevin Lost (Memorize the Faith ) says the time has come to re-discover Albert’s greatness, and to profit from his prodigious wisdom and virtue…

These pages not only tell Albert’s story – they share his lessons. Each chapter uses Albertine teachings, and the example of the saint’s life, to instruct, edify, and inspire us to greater holiness and more ardent love. read St. Albert and see why the greatest man of his age has great things to offer ours as well.” (From the back cover)