By L.M. Dooley, S.V.D

Published by St. Paul Editions

1979, Softcover, 72 pages

Used Book – in very good condition, all pages intact, no visible markings noticed, some yellowing of pages due to age.

A mantle of blue and white, Mary’s colours, seems to hover perpetually over the land of Mexico, particularly over the Villa of Guadalupe. There is a charm to its rugged terrain, an attractiveness to its range of mountains, some snowcapped, and to its smiling valleys. there is a warmth to its variegated population.

The gentility, the suavity and motherliness of Heaven’s First Lady in her apparitions to her client, Juan Diego, seem to have set the pattern for today’s Mexican population. They fashioned their manners on those of our Lady.

Mary’s charm and queenliness, her gentleness, her tenderness and unparalleled graciousness in her dealings with Juan, even today after a lapse of 430 years, enraptures one’s heart.

May the religious faith and spirit of our Lady of Guadalupe fire us, and impel us toward a greater craving for the things of the spirit. In the Ever-Virgin of Guadalupe may we behold one who loves us and loves all peoples with a great and expansive love. (From the back cover)