Published by Refuge of Sinners Publishing
312 pages, Paperback
Separated out, set in connected order, and edited with notes, for Catholic Children by Cornelius Joseph Holland.
Imprimatur, 1913.
From the Preface:
“It is a grand and beautiful story which you are about to read, told in the inspired language of Holy Scripture itself, the story of God’s dealings with the world and, in particular, with His chosen people of Israel.
In the sublime account of creation with which it opens, it takes you back to the very beginning of things. You see the heavens and the earth spring into being at the word of God.  You see His Almighty Spirit moving over the face of the universe, disposing all in order and harmony and beauty, and multiplying life in its infinite variety.  And from this first beginning, this story brings you down to the last years of the Old Covenant, almost to the coming of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.” Profusely illustrated (black/white pictures). Maps.