By  Randy England

Published by TAN Books and Publishers

1991, Softcover, 161 pages

The “New Age” Movement is widely discussed and promoted by fashionable personalities and the commercial media. Its symbols and concepts are becoming increasingly widespread. But as a bizarre combination of humanist ideals, pagan superstitions, self-deification, Satanism and witchcraft, the New Age Movement is far more dangerous than it appears.

All the more alarming, therefore, is the spread of New Age ideas within the Catholic Church. The Unicorn in the Sanctuary documents this problem, unmasking New Age notions which have become part of so many prayer workshops, retreat experiences, lecture programs and educational conferences at every level of our Church.

This book is the first full-length study of the impact of the New Age on Catholicism. In a clear, down-to-earth style, author Randy England tells readers what it is, what is wrong with it, where it came from and what to do about it. He traces its roots from Teilhard de Chardin and Modernism to its flowering in Creation-centered and Feminist spirituality. (From the back cover)