By Paula Ervin

Published by Our Sunday Visitor

1985, Softcover, 160 pages

USED BOOK – The book is in good condition. Some highlighting in yellow throughout two-thirds of the book. This does not detract from reading. Previous owners’ name and sticker on inside front cover and on page 1.

Jun 18, 2018Sarah rated it · 

This was one of the first books to look at women’s emotional distress and trauma after abortions. Though dated (it’s from the mid-1980s) it has powerful stories from post-abortion women. I think it is still worth a read years later because those women’s voices should be heard. Some of the stories documented clinics such as Planned Parenthood lying to women. Especially poignant was the woman who was a vegetarian and peace activist who was told abortion was just removing some cells and later found out that her 11 week old aborted baby had been fully formed and sucking his thumb She had dedicated herself to peace and defending life but never realized an abortion was in violation of her beliefs. Later, she had to live the rest of her life knowing she killed a baby. The other stories in the book are just as powerful. (From the Goodreads Website)