The Journey Awaits. Are You Ready?

The Journey of Rol is a series of books for pre-teens and teens—tales of adventure and hope.In the first book of the series, Be: The Journey of Rol, the main character, Rol, is a fourteen-year-old boy who finds himself alone facing a life-determining decision to travel the easy path or the long, difficult route to return home and reunite with his family. Rol chooses…you will have to read the book to find out.Rol encounters, among other interesting characters and creatures, traveling companions Kearth and Fhfyrd, whose relentless banter both entertains and antagonizes Rol throughout his journey. In his quest, Rol is forced to confront internal and external obstacles, learning to rely on his positive attitude, as well as hope, for a successful outcome. Inspiration, values, faith, and thanking God for His blessings are components of this story, as are adventure, humor, and unique characters and challenges. It is a fun tale, reinforcing good values and decision-making.