By Bob & Penny Lord

Published by Journeys of Faith

1997, Softcover, 208 pages

“The world is spinning out of control!
There is a madness spreading throughout the world
with a well-planned, well-disguised design;
to snatch misguided Catholics and devour them!

The aim of the Cults is to foster hate and division, by attacking the Catholic Church and main-line Protestant religions.
Read what the Cults actually believe
Read why they have been so successful in leading so many sheep from their churches, Catholic and Protestant, into a void.

Bob and Penny unmask the “Great Deceit,” illusion disguised as truth, as they uncover the Cults’ true goals of enslavement and world domination.
Battle of the Angels – There is a battle raging – the intended victims, dead, discarded carcasses left on the side of the road leading to Paradise, are you and me, our children and loved ones.
Know your Faith or lose it! – If we are to know and do battle with the enemy, we must know what we believe.  If we can’t defend ourselves and our loved ones from the attack of the enemy, we will lose them.
Christ or crisis on campus – One of the most dangerous places for our young people, leaving home and going off to college, is the college campus.  There are cults, pretending to be Christian, just waiting to lure them in, especially if they are not strong in their faith, and if they don’t have many friends.  We must know who they are, what their agenda is, and how to do battle with them.
Anatomy of a Cult – What does a cult believe in;  Divinity of Christ – The Holy Trinity – Teachings of the Old Testament?
Mormons – Christianity or Cult?
Jehovah’s Witnesses – A Media Blitz for souls
Hindus – Divinity of Jesus – Trinity – Yoga – Transcendental Meditation – Hare Krishna
Anatomy of a Sect – Do they believe in The Eucharist – Mother Mary Confession – Purgatory – The Sacraments –
Seventh Day Adventists – Home-grown heretics
Christian Scientists

They’re all out there, waiting for us, to take us in,
devour us and destroy us and all we hold dear.
Read about this ongoing attack against our Faith and our Church.” (From the Bob and Penny Lord Website)