By Mark Brumley

Forewords by Avery Cardinal Dulles And Most. Rev. Charles J. Chaput

Published by Catholic Answers

2002, Softcover, 124 pages

Not long after converting to the Catholic faith, noted author and apologist Mark Brumley found himself in a discussion with a Protestant friend. Secure in his newfound faith – and feeling somewhat superior to his less-enlightened friend – Brumley smugly said, Yes, I, too, used to think as you do. It was an outburst of pride that undermined Brumley’s arguments for the faith and likely drove his friend further away from the truth. Brumley had just committed one of the seven sins he describes in his remarkable book, How Not to Share Your Faith: The Seven Deadly Sins of Catholic Apologetics and Evangelization. In this book, Brumley describes seven of the most common and tragic mistakes he and other apologists have made over the years in their attempts to defend and explain the Catholic faith. More importantly, he reveals how you can avoid these mistakes and become far more effective at sharing your faith in a charitable way – even if that means losing an argument from time to time. (From the Goodreads Website)