By Jean Petit

Published by Sophia Institute Press

2001, Softcover, 176 pages (including 20 blank pages)

Karin rated it it was amazing
“This is a spiritual journal written by a priest who uses the pseudonym Jean Petit. Given that fact, the writing is intensely beautiful and spiritual, but also a bit raw. I found myself going back over not just sections, but sentences in order to let what he was trying to convey sink in. The book is only 176 pages, but it is not a page turner~ the reader needs to read a few pages at a time in order to appreciate the full beauty of the author’s prayerful entries.
Jean Petit also refers to St Therese of Liseux and her doctrines. I found that these references gave some additional substance and familiarity to what the author was writing.
This is one of those books that I know I will find myself going back to from time to time.” (From the Goodreads website)