By Monk Matthew, M.N.L. Couve de Murville, Hugh Clarke

Published by The Catholic Truth Society

1997, Booklet, 88 pages

Truly inspiring accounts of three victims of the Nazi regime during the Second World War Marcel Callo, a young Frenchman, was a printer’s apprentice and engaged to be married. Edith Stein was a Carmelite nun who had converted from the Jewish faith as a young woman. Titus Brandsma came from a farming family in Holland and later became a Carmelite friar. Each refused to condone the evil of a wicked political system, living and dying for their faith in the freedom of Christ. Pope John Paul II sees the Twentieth Century Church as a Church of Martyrs whose witness must not be forgotten. These moving, stories of ordinary people cannot fail to refresh our faith. (From the CTS Website)

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