Written by Fr. Francis L. Filas, S.J.

Published by The Neumann Press, 2002, paperback, 141 pages.

The story of the Holy Family at home in Nazareth, especially written to show how modern husbands and wives can imitate the happiness of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Marriage is intended to be the way to heaven for most people – a fact so little recognized that it often comes as a distinct surprise to married couples hearing it for the first time. Too many generations have mistakenly thought that married people who get to heaven do so in spite of being married. You and your husband or wife as well as your whole family can be and should be saints. There is only on requirement. You must do God’s will. God’s will consists in the observance of the commandments, the frequent reception of the sacraments, and the practice of certain virtues in your everyday life. This book will give you the perfect example through the Holy Family. The leadership of the very human Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, is inspirational in its simple perfection – a cause for all families to have hope.

Includes Epilogue and discussion club outlines for each chapter.