Written by Denise Mountenay

Published by C. Reality Publishers, 1999, paperback,  191 pages

Many tears were sown to complete this book. It includes the defilement of
rape, substance addictions and overcoming them. Using abortion as a form
of birth control. It takes one through a spiritual of journey seeking God
and finding Him. Although emotional and difficult, the perspective that I
share is unique and diversified. the subject matters are most
controversial and are a great podium for debate. The absolute truth and
scientific information contained in this book should end the dispute once
and for all.

My aim is to expose the rhetoric and euphemisms that are common place
today, as well as convey the facts in a simple format.
The purpose of this book is to warn and inform women and the public
about the tragedy of abortion and its aftermath. It is my hope that
precious human lives will be saved, and that the reader will learn first
hand about this holocaust.

Most important, I pray that women will be spared the eternal suffering
of lost souls and damaged emotions. If you consider yourself “pro-choice”
this book is for you. If you believe that it’s a just a matter between a
woman and her doctor, you’re forgetting someone. Just weeks after going
into print two babies have been saved that we know about as a result of
this book.