According to the Doctors and Theologians of the Church

Written By Rev. J. Berthier.

Published by Refuge of Sinners Publishers 2021 Impr 1897,

292 page book paperback

During his time on Earth, Rev. Jean Berthier wanted to help lead more people to God. Along with promoting the message of God, Berthier delves into the topic of Christianity by means of gentle explanations on what it really means to lead a Christian life. To put it simply, Berthier talks about how one can either be a “common Christian” or a “perfect Christian”, but regardless, God still wishes all to be saved and gives examples on what one may or may not do in their life. Readers may find this book helpful if they have questions such as the following: who can enter religion; how should we view marriage; how should children be raised; and much more on topics like celibacy and the religious state. This book would do well for those looking to obtain a deeper understanding to the life of a Christian striving for perfection in the name of God without fear.

Impr 1897, 292 page