Written by Rev. Father M. P. Hill, S.J.

Published by Refuge of Sinners 2015

Imprimatur 1914.

A Popular Vindication of Christian Beliefs and Practices Against the Attacks of Modern Criticism

This book is a translation from the German version.

This book will first give and explain the Protestant or “Modernism” belief and then proceed to thoroughly explain the Catholic position. Very well indexed. The table of Contents alone is 16 pages and the Index at back of book 7 pages. Even though the book was written almost one hundred years ago the subjects are as important today as then. A small fraction of subjects include: Labor Unions and Boycotts, The Bible and Tradition (plus 7 other Chapters on the Bible), The Church of Christ and How to Find It, Apes and Men, Chance, Celibacy, Communion Under One Kind, The Church and Salvation, Cremation, Divorce, Education, Free Love, Latin in the Liturgy, Science and Faith and much more.

514 pages Paperback