A sequel to the most popular pirate tale ever told–Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island.

Inspired by the opening line of the famous novel in which Jim Hawkins tells of a “treasure not yet lifted” still hidden on an unknown island, Leonard Wibberley (author of The Mouse That Roared) penned this unofficial sequel–a gratifyingly bloody and piratical tale, dominated by one of fiction’s great hero-rogues, the endlessly cunning, forever evil Long John Silver.

Wibberley, in his foreword, tells how he came to write Flint’s Island, “I realized I must myself, however unworthy, attempt to supply the story of what happened to the remaining treasure or die with that question, raised in childhood, unanswered.”

Recommended reading in the Seton Home Study Guide for Grade 7.

softcover 165 pages.