By Juan Luis Bastero

Published by Four Courts Press

2006, Softcover, 260 Pages

Note: The book on the back cover has the top left corner dog-eared slightly.

This book, based on lectures given at the University of Navarre, is a systematic study of the person of Mary, the mother of Jesus of Nazareth, true God and true Man and the redeemer of mankind. After introductory chapters that approach the subject from conceptual and historical angles, the book then discusses what revelation says about the woman who, in the fullness of time, bore in her womb the pre-existent Son of God. The book also includes a study of Mary’s perfections as the Church believes them, written in a ‘genetic’ way, examining how appreciation of each perfection developed over the past two thousand years. The last chapter deals with Marian devotion. Mary, Mother of the Redeemer provides students of theology, and others interested in deepening the Christian faith, with insights into the person chosen by God to be the mother of Jesus. (From the Goodreads Website)